Magnolia Conference 2014

Take a look at the videos within the Business, Technical and Marketing tracks from Magnolia Conference.

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Watch Boris and Pascal's opening Keynote from Magnolia Conference 2014, with all the latest news about the company and updates on Magnolia 5.3.

Business Track

Working Smarter With Magnolia at Avis Budget

Leon will talk about digital commerce at Avis and Budget. He will show how Magnolia allows the Avis Budget EMEA group to work more efficiently across marketing, branding and technology functions.

Kanton Basel-Stadt Runs Magnolia: How to Switch a Swiss Kanton to a New CMS

The web infrastructure of Swiss Kanton Basel-Stadt had grown into a complicated heterogeneous system landscape over the years. The previous, older CMS had reached the end of its sustainability. It was no longer a joy to use – neither for editors nor for website visitors. It was time for a change, so the Kanton Basel-Stadt decided to turn the main switch on for a new level of e-administration.

In this talk Alexander Hubitsch and Roberto Rivetti from Aperto explain how they integrated Magnolia with the Basel City Website.

Upgrade or rebuild: The World Steel Association upgrade to Magnolia 4.5

Many organizations have the same dilemma when they need to do a major upgrade to their CMS. Should I upgrade? Or should I take this chance to do a full rebuild and incorporate all those wishes I have had since a long time? What are the advantages of both approaches, and what is the business case behind the arguments?

This presentation will showcase the success story of worldsteel's Magnolia integration, as well as their complex migration project from Magnolia 4.3 to 4.5. It was the second upgrade to 4.5 that did (the first being the Van Lanschot Bankiers upgrade), and still it turned into a hassle. Nevertheless, the upgrade became a success for the client. The project was finished in March 2014.

From Pages to People

MBC Group is the largest broadcaster of the Middle East, with over 100 million daily viewers. This translates into a huge amount of online page views, as well. But who are these viewers, and what’s the best way to reach them? Adriaan Bloem will talk about the many challenges shifting from a page-centric view to a people-centric view, and the systems being tied together to do it. 

ClinicSite: Developing a Virtual Healthcare presence with Magnolia

As the result of a new business plan, the management team of Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CUN) took the decision to launch a new website. This talk explains how Magnolia partner CysNET Software was chosen for this large project with Magnolia CMS. The team developed 40 simple and 60 complex components, 230 templates, URL friendly support and search engine fully integrated into Magnolia.

Technical Track

Day One

Personalization with Magnolia: Create Relevant Customer Experiences

How can you make your website more relevant to your audience? Magnolia answers this question by introducing personalization in Magnolia 5.3. In order to serve each visitor the content that they want and need to see, you have to be able to target and segment your audience. Philipp Bärfuss, Head of Product Development, will take attendees beyond wishful thinking to pragmatic quick wins that improve customer experience and the value of content.

How to Build and Design Powerful Apps with Magnolia 5.3

A great app empowers users by being both meaningful and supportive of their daily work. A great app also consists of a narrow set of powerful and easy-to-understand functions. Andreas and Mikael will show you how new ap features in Magnolia 5.3 make your app more powerful by broadening the range of tasks it can easily tackle. They're also going to present yuo the new app design guidelines that help you create consistent and intuitive apps. 

Use Cases and Technologies for Integrating Magnolia with Alfresco

In this session Axel will outline capabilities of the Alfresco content platform relevant to potential integration use cases and how those can help integrate indirect participants into editorial processes and general collaboration within Magnolia. Using a demonstration of a reference integration scenario the session will showcase key benefits of an integration such as the reduction of redundant data entry, improved quality of metadata and chain of control.

Magnolia Performance Tuning and High Availability Best Practices

While Magnolia is already a pretty strong workhorse, performance tuning and high availability scenarios are still concerns on high load and traffic websites. Especially with deep integrations for content- or ecommerce-platforms (hybris, magento etc,), ERP- and CRM-Solutions, caching and performance tuning are essential parts of every project. In this presentation, Marc Korthaus will talk about the challenges of running, tuning and scaling a Magnolia platform. He'll explore caching and high availability best practices and will provide a deeper insight into the infrastructure side of things.

Integrating Magnolia with E-Commerce Platforms: Patterns, Strategies, Pitfalls

There are many ways to integrate Magnolia with an E-commerce platform. This presentation will introduce strategies for integrations, patterns we’ve found, and pitfalls you should avoid. The speakers will show you why you want do this, with concrete use-cases that can help boosting your editorial and marketing teams’ productivity. They’ll also demonstrate how your product inventory management doesn’t need to be slowing down your online activities. And, most importantly, they’ll show you how you can achieve this with Magnolia, with demos and sample code.

Migrating Belgium's Largest Telecommunication Company to Magnolia

In July 2013, after a three month Proof of Concept (where we integrated functionalities like date on date off mechanism, translated sef, custom content) ... we started to create an automated migration script to migrate the main website of Belgacom (the biggest Belgian telecommunication company) to Magnolia - with all of its 1300 pages, in 3 languages. This presentation will explore what it took to get there, and what pitfalls one should avoid.

Day Two

SaaS + CMS: Tricode’s technical roadtrip

This presentation explores how Tricode started working with Magnolia CMS in spring 2013, what they have learned since then, and what their big goal is - specifically, how they envision a SaaS solution that’s powered by Magnolia.

Tricode's big goal is building a SaaS solution by creating new Magnolia modules like a templating kit based on the Foundation CSS framework, a Magnolia content app for blogging and an e-commerce integration using Konakart. At Magnolia Conference, they’ll show part of this solution, and introduce their roadmap.

There is an App for....Vanity URLs!

Learn how (and why) Aperto built an easy-to-use Magnolia App just for managing vanity URLs, which was released as open source at the conference ( Vanity URLs (like help improve the usability and SEO of websites, while also providing a handy tool for dealing with everything from printing errors to common misspellings in URLs. This talk was presented by Jörg von Frantzius, Systems Architect at Aperto.

Building a Utilities Portal with Magnolia 5 & SAP

Matteo Pelucco from Tinext explains the systems integration of SAP for AIL, a Swiss utility company, showing the benefits of Magnolia's Open Suite approach. Learn how Magnolia can be the central framework for your integration projects and why some Magnolia integration patterns should be your best development friends.

Running Magnolia on Jelastic Cloud Hosting

The managed services department of has been offering Jelastic Cloud hosting since 2013. The general angle of this presentation is to explain how Magnolia works in combination with jelastic. 
Egdar and Dmitry will present an overview of the Jelastic cloud hosting platform, give a live demo on their Info Jelastic cloud and discuss how to install it onto Magnolia 5. They will further discuss common pitfalls with Magnolia Jelastic hosting. 

Magnolia Kickstart: Develop Magnolia Websites Faster, Better and Easier

Whether you are going to build a small community website or a large enterprise solution, you will have to perform a great number of repetitive and tedious tasks. What if there was a solution to just skip it all and start with the fun part?

Vivan, founder of Lemonize, will show you how Kickstart is one step further into Magnolia's future frontend development vision and how this vision is soon to become a reality.

Magnolia & Angular JS: An Approach for Javascript RIAs Delivered by a CMS

When the technology stack of a content and logic driven web application gets defined, there is often the question if it should be build on an open source content management system like Magnolia or if it should be a standalone app which might include several pages from a CMS. Agido's Moritz Rebbert will show an approach where the web application is based on and delivered by the CMS but it's logic is completely separated within REST based services and AngularJS based client side code.

Digital Marketing

Making the Transition From WCM to CEM - and Why Resistance is Futile

​Tim Walters, Digital Clarity Group welcome's you to the world of Digital marketing and Customer Experience Management in this presentation.

Say you work for a company that makes wool clothing. For a few years, you've been in charge of herding the sheep: making sure that they are fed and cared for, hang out in the right pastures, and show up on time for their shaves. That's content management. 
One day, you get a new assignment. Now you're in charge of customer satisfaction. You have to stop thinking (so much) about sheep (which are, finally, pretty much all the same) and start thinking about humans, with their quirks and differences and crazy idiosyncrasies. What do they want? Just a warm sweater, or a fashion statement? What devices do they use to research a purchase? Do they seek their friends' advice, and where? Given all of that, how do you get them the wool (remember the sheep?) that they want, in the form they want it, when they want it?

A/B Testing - How to Break Things and Fail Fast... Without Breaking Things

In this talk Mark will explore how Atlassian, the creator of JIRA and Confluence, has used Magnolia CMS and other tools to operationalize A/B testing to continually optimize Atlassian’s website. Using this process we can balance failing fast with keeping things running smoothly.

Content Marketing at Switzerland's Biggest Retailer

Migros is Switzerland’s largest retailer. Their digital presence involves many brands, campaigns and projects. All of these manifest themselves in different types of content, and are targeted at not just one device. Having a content marketing strategy that unites and interconnects all these touchpoints is therefore essential. In this presentation, Kevin Lancashire, Head of, will explore how Migros approaches content marketing. He’ll demonstrate what Migros’ content marketing goals are, and will show how the retailer reached them. Through examples of massive campaigns as well as brand-new projects such as Migros’ Newsroom, Kevin will illustrate Migros’ content marketing strategy and explore how Magnolia is supporting that strategy.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Content Strategist

Being a content strategist is about making the right choices around content. And although you believe you made the right decisions and choices, somehow your content always comes up lagging in quality, reach and effect. 

Join Brian Bentzen from J.Boye as he takes you on a journey through the human mind, across the digital landscape and towards a content strategy that not only sets out to find the gold treasure, but also keep it. 

The Cloud - More Than Just Vapour For Your Magnolia Instance

Creative marketing agencies work in fast-paced, trend-driven and highly competitive environments. With project lifecycles of typically less than two months, tools that are easy to use and scale beyond expectations are absolutely essential. That’s why ETECTURE@Ogilvy, an agency that works in exactly these types of environments, is constantly on the look-out for partners that check these boxes. Magnolia (easy to use and customize) and Amazon Web Services (makes solutions scalable in the cloud) fit the bill perfectly. By combining the two, professionals now have a tool at their disposal that will help them navigate the wild waters of digital marketing, while elevating the quality and speed of it to cloud number nine.

Roundtable: Mastering Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the science of managing all interactions a business has with its current and future clients. Today’s customers are empowered by the mobile revolution and expect ideal and optimized experiences from start to finish, everywhere and all the time. How should you go about building a first class customer experience? What tools do you need? And can a CMS be a vital part of this? Attend this roundtable discussion to see how CEM experts from different fields approach these questions. Magnolia’s Head of Marketing, Christopher Justice, will moderate the discussion.