The Annual Conference for Magnolia Developers
4-5 December 2018
Basel, Switzerland

Why join

Join us for two epic days of talks, learning and knowledge sharing, and a first look inside Magnolia’s latest product developments.  

Get the latest & the greatest

Learn from Yariv Adan, Product Lead at Google Assistant how AI is shaping the future of Human-Machine Interaction, and be the first to have a look at the upcoming Magnolia 6!

Learn hands-on

Join in-depth workshops with Magnolia experts, and level up your know-how on developing with Magnolia, cloud and other capabilities, and techniques for pre-sales success.


Get the chance to shape Magnolia’s roadmap, or simply join the conversations with peer developers in the Lightning talks, Unconference and Keynotes.

After hours fun

You just love to code, any time of the day? Join us for an after-hours Hackathon, and the coolest developer party out there.

Day 1 - Workshops & Hackathon
08:30 - 09:00

Welcome & Registration

17:00 - 23:05

After Hours (hackathon & dinner)

Day 2 - Conference
08:30 - 09:00

Welcome & Registration

09:00 - 09:45

Guest Keynote: Yariv Adan - The paradigm shift to Natural UI

09:45 - 10:30

Magnolia Keynote: Jan Haderka - Exclusive preview of Magnolia 6

10:45 - 12:00

Lightning talks

13:00 - 16:00


16:00 - 17:00

Awards & Wrap-up

17:00 - 23:00

After Hours (party)

The paradigm shift to Natural UI

AI is powering the next paradigm shift in Human-Machine Interaction – the Natural User Interface. In his talk, Yariv will provide an insider perspective on this paradigm shift, and will demo the state of the art technology driving it, using the Google Assistant.

For the past 10 years, Yariv has been leading products and product teams at Google Zurich. In his current role, he is leading the Zurich product team working on the Google Assistant. Prior to this role, Yariv worked on a wide range of products, including proprietary Google infrastructure, privacy and security, products designed for the Emerging Markets, and even the notorious non skippable ads on YouTube. Before joining Google, Yariv was an engineering manager in various Israeli start-ups and companies.

Yariv Adan

Product Lead, Google Assistant

Exclusive preview of Magnolia 6

Join the keynote for the latest & the greatest from Magnolia. We’ll have a recap of the most recent developments and an outlook for the future.
‍Fresh from the oven, expect an exclusive preview of the new Magnolia UI, AI-powered contextual search, content models and more exciting features.

Jan has been developing software since 1995, focusing on the development of content management and knowledge management solutions since 2000. Jan has played a key role in the development of Magnolia, starting as a developer in 2007, Head of Support in 2009, then running the Magnolia Czech office, taking on the role as CIO in 2014, and serving as CTO since 2016. For the past 18 years, he has lived in Ireland, Switzerland and Czech Republic with his wife and three children.

Jan Haderka

Chief Technology Officer, Magnolia

Efficient front-end development
1 Day
Who should attend: Front-end developers

Get introduced to Magnolia's Light Development and CLI tool that will help you build websites quickly without the need to write code in Java. Within a day, you get to define templates and configurations, and develop your very own single-page website.

Note: Not recommended for former participants of our front-end training sessions, as the content is similar.

Cass Weber

Magnolia Trainer

Michal Novak

Web Developer

Advanced front-end development
1 Day
Who should attend: Front-end developers

Learn how easy it is to integrate modern CSS and JS frameworks such as Angular.js, Vue.js and Bootstrap into Magnolia. You’ll also learn how to use Magnolia's REST API - an ideal way to achieve headless content management scenarios.

Note: Not recommended for former participants of our advanced front-end training sessions, as the content is similar.

Tomas Gregovsky

Senior Front-end Developer

Cloud blueprints and auto-scaling
1 Day
Who should attend: System administrators, Developers

Explore the different ways to run Magnolia in the cloud and the tools and best practices to achieve it. We'll look at JCR clustering, distributed publishing with RabbitMQ, synchronization, backing up your JCR repository and other tips and tricks, plus the latest Magnolia Add-on for performance monitoring.

Andrew Warinner

Senior Solutions Architect

Workflow modeling
1/2 Day
Who should attend: Back-end developers

Learn how to efficiently work with Magnolia to design and create your own custom publication and other business workflows. The workshop gives an introduction to business process management, how this is integrated in Magnolia, and how to use and customize Magnolia’s workflow engine to achieve your needs.

Adrien Manzoni

Senior Solutions Architect

Content Types
1/2 Day
Who should attend: Front-end developers, Back-end developers

Get hands on with the new content types feature which will be released as a developer preview.  Learn how to use it to quickly create and maintain apps, workspaces and node types.

Christoph Meier

Senior Developer, Technical Writer

Marketing optimization
1 Day
Who should attend: Developers

Get to know Magnolia’s latest developments for content and marketing optimization, and help your teams create great personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. We’ll cover SEO, personalization, analytics, campaign management and more.

Edwin Guilbert

Solutions Architect & Trainer

Effective pre-sales & solution engineering
1/2 Day
Who should attend: Solution architects

Flex your pre-sales skills, bridge business and technology gaps, and become a trusted advisor for your clients. We will go through a variety of efficient pitching techniques and solution oriented approaches to help you win the next project!

Jan Schulte

Senior Solutions Architect

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Workshop spaces are limited.

The community here is quite great. A lot of people you can interact with and exchange knowledge.

Robert Mikoda

Solution Architect TBSCG

Lightning Talks
Automatic config changes for Magnolia installations

I will share how we ensure the correctness of configuration settings prior and post deployment for Test and Production environments.

Bisera Ivanovska


Elastic Search Module Reloaded

We have developed a convenient "ElasticSearch Magnolia Plugin", which controls ElasticSearch from a Magnolia App. The app offers CRUD'ing indices, suggestion queries, populating documents into indices based on workspace content & statistics. Additionally it includes search-rendering models for convenient usage in templates, and provides a REST-Endpoint to perform autosuggestion-queries.

Denis Lobo


Bye-Bye Bootstrap

In this talk we take a look at how we have come from a JCR-based configuration to a configuration-by-file using YAML. The effect of this is there is no longer a need to bootstrap templates, dialogs, apps, etc. It also reduces the need for the version handler and writing tedious update tasks.

Rich Gange


CELUM DAM meets Magnolia CMS

Manage your content simply and centralised in a content hub called CELUM. Manage, share and publish your Assets in your different channels. We present our simple to install CELUM DAM connector module, Magnolia:connect. Just install, configure, and use it.

Michael Degiampietro


Magnolia & Siteimprove

A sneak peek on how you can provide Magnolia Users with new functionalities and workflows they need to create outstanding content and lasting user experiences. Checking and optimizing content before publishing? Just one of many development opportunities that is possible with the open API.

Nicolai Munch Andersen


Light Deployments

Light development rocks, lightning fast deployments, too! We'd like to share our experience about light module deployment using NPM & co. in practical projects.

Vivian Steller



How we decoupled content editing and content delivery with our open-source tool Paperboy by utilizing Magnolia's new REST API and static site generators in a modern micro-service environment without sacrificing agility.

Arne Diekmann


Get ready for an amazing experience


Epic days


Hours of workshops


AI shaping Human-Machine Interaction, and Magnolia 6

And more...

Lightning Talks, Unconference, Hackathon and Awards


It’s nice to see a company listening so intensely to their community.

James Bradshaw

Digital Architect, Domestic & General



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