Workshops, San Francisco

May 10, 2016

Magnolia's one-day workshops are the best way to specialize in a particular area of Magnolia and walk away with practical skills, which you can apply immediately.

Workshop groups are small, allowing you to get personal attention and feedback on your particular use cases.


Workshop #1 - Taking light development to the next level

Join this workshop to experience light development with Magnolia. Discover how to easily reuse build-in components from MTK, how to get the most out of YAML, and how to push the limits of FTL much further then you ever would have dreamed.

Who is this workshop for?
Front-end developers with a good knowledge of Magnolia 5.x.

Workshop leader
Tomas Gregovsky

Workshop #2 - Dive into content pools with Magnolia

In this workshop you learn to consume Magnolia content on the client side. A Magnolia expert will show you how to access content through the REST API. You can use your favorite front-end framework to display the content. Do you know AngularJS or ReactJS? Bring your front-end skills to the table. In this collaborative session we learn from each other. 

Who is this workshop for?

Front-end developers who want to learn from each other and share their knowledge. Different front-end skills and frameworks are welcome!

Workshop leader
Rasmus Skjoldan

Workshop #3 - Get up-close and personal with Magnolia’s personalization features

Magnolia's personalization turns a static pull experience into an interactive push relationship – the visitor indicates their interest and the website pushes matching content. In this workshop, we’ll explore advanced personalization on a technical level.

Who is this workshop for?
Developers with basic knowledge of working with Magnolia.

Workshop Leader
Ondrej Chytil