What to expect at the Unconference

An unconference lets you - the participant - co-design the agenda you want. Compared to a typical conference, an unconference is about engaging discussions instead of presenting powerpoint slides.

The best conversations at most conferences tend to happen at the coffee breaks or in the display areas between sessions. An unconference is all about those great conversations. It's the topics you care about instead of the topics the organizers care about. It's "in practice" instead of "in theory".

Setting the scene

Magnolia CORE development: review and preview

Magnolia CTO Jan Haderka sets the pace with a high-speed, technical review of Magnolia product development in the previous year, and gives a sneak preview of the next major release, Magnolia CORE 5.6.

Roadmap tour of product features

Magnolia product managers Antti Hietala and Topher Zimmermann take you on a whirlwind tour of the latest Magnolia CORE features, as well as what the roadmap promises for the near future.

Two brief presentations give participants the basics before everyone breaks out into the actual unconference sessions.

Connect with the community

Network with peers

One of the main reasons people join the unconference is to connect with peers and explore other ideas and experiences. With regular networking opportunities throughout the day, as well as a party to remember, you'll be sure to come away with new contacts and ideas.

Meet the Magnolians

The Magnolia Unconference is the perfect opportunity to put faces to usernames. The whole Magnolia team will be available for you to meet and ask about ideas or advice, or simply to tell us how great you think we are!

Engage with the community

For the unconference, attendees themselves will be responsible for proposing, voting for and presenting talks, which everyone is free to choose to attend. We ask attendees to prepare any suggestions and material for the unconference in advance.

A great way to interact with the Magnolia staff and other Magnolia developers.

Over to you

Before the unconference

Just think about what topics you most want to learn about and you most want to debate. Perhaps you're facing technical challenges or you have cool hacks to share. Maybe you want to test your ideas for the product or find out how others solve similar challenges. Almost any Magnolia and development-related topic is fair game.

Start the buzz

Got some topics already that are top of your mind or some burning issue to get off your chest? Start sharing your suggestions on Twitter @magnolia_cms using #M_UNCONF17. You can even vote on your preferred topics. Invite your colleagues and associates to join and and be part of the unconference. 

On the day

All participants get together to look at the ongoing online poll and everyone will have a final chance to suggest topics and vote on them. We'll take the most popular topics into breakout unconference sessions, each of which will be moderated by a Magnolia expert.

The floor is yours

Everyone is free to attend any breakout unconference session they wish. You can engage in the discussions as much as you like, or pop in on another debate that catches your fancy. You and your fellow participants determine how long the sessions last and the directions they take.